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ROFL!!! I am literally laughing as I type this out. What a hoot! This couple is simply adorable! I would love to read more of thier adventures. What marvelous characters crafted in such a short piece and what a neat story! I loved Gloria especially, this was a precious story! Excellent, definitely one of my favorites this week. ^_^
This is one of my favorites, too. Your humor is exactly right.
Oh dear... poor Nick. Somehow, I think those two were made for each other. I can see it when a baby is on the way. "I'll just pop in here and get that cute little jump suit I saw on sale..."

KCHING... KCHING... $$$$$$$$$$

Oh boy...I hope they use cash or they are headed for impulse buyer disaster. lol. Great dialog.
As someone who makes my kids cook their catch of crabs next door in the summers....I can definitely relate to this young wife!

Glad Bubbles was rescued---cute story-takes me back to the fun and freedom of the early years...
This is soooo funny! It's like you took a page right out of my life. Thank-you for the cheer it brought today!
This was really funny, a cute couple.
What a fun story to read! This couple will really be a hoot when they're about 80 years old. I also laughed out loud, especially when she named the fish. I have a firm rule at my house, if you name it you can't eat it. Great story! Thanks for the laughs.
Absolutely adorable! What a fun story...loved this.:)
This was a real fun read-loved it! I'm sooo glad she saved Bubbles. lol
Just Delighful! I can certainly relate. Hubby hates to go shopping with me. Now, if it's Home Depot or Lowe's, he's just fine. Very fine entry.
Cute, cute, cute. Loved how well you crafted these two. LOL at the strawberry pot comment! And what is wrong with a few purchases at the garden centre??? ;-)
Oh my! Now I know what my hubby is thinking as he trails along behind me while I shop. This is so funny...made me smile and laugh all the way through!
Really enjoyed your entry. The humor was just right: not too much, not too litte. Made for a very funny, delightful read.
What a fun read. The scene in the bait and tackle shop had me chuckling, "Now I know why Dad wouldn't take me...hehe"
Great dialog and humor. Very fun read. Well done.
LOVED this couple. Reminds me of me and my husband. So much fun!
LOL! OH MY! I laughed so hard at this! This was hilarious! The ending was priceless. I like the name she gave the fish - "Bubbles." This piece demonstrates the power women have over men. Believe me, I now have firsthand experience with this ever since getting engaged. Great stuff as always, Betty!
Oh my goodness, is this a hoot!! What a wonderfully clever and engaging story hon! Congrats on your win!!You have to write more about this couple and their newly acquired pet, Bubble.LOL. CUTE!!!
Congratulations on recognition for this delightfully creative piece!
CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR EC for this fun, true-to-life story! You captured the male/female personalities so perfectly! :)
ROFL! Such fun to read this again. I simply had to. ^_^ Congrats on your EC! ^_^
Betty, you're writing is just too funny! You need to tone it down a bit so you don't keep us all in stitches. It seems to me you just get better and better and as your #1 fan, I couldn't be prouder. Many, many kudos for a well-deserved win! Hugz.
This is hilarious. I think I know Gloria. Great job and congratulations!
A good portrayal of the wiles we use. :) You did a good job of capturing the back-and-forth between a male and a female with distinctly different shopping styles (!).
Haha! Very well written dialogue. You showed the couple's personalities so well.