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your last paragraph sums it all up for this young woman. You did well in capturing the atmosphere and tone of this, I imagine many of the young women with Esther traveled through these emotions and thoughts. good job.,
Your imagery made the story very real. I've thought before how sad it must have been for the concubines, and your story showed that very well.
Beautifully written. When I first started reading I immediately thought of Esther - and then you went a completely different direction; and the shift was a startling revelation of how at least some of the women must feel of how much they have lost for what they have gained. Great writing!
Fantastic writing. A pleasure to read. I was really swept away. Exquisite detail and setting of the scene. And, (do I dare say this?)... the 'act' itself was well portrayed in it's baseness and shallowness.
Just excellent, Sharon! Well, well done all around.
Outstanding writing...vivid detail. Well done.
Very done, I agree totally with the other commentators. It's so sad, the loss suffered, for the imagined gain.
Oh my, this took a turn I didn't expect. I also was thinking of Esther. You're right about those who didn't win...they truly lost everything. Your descriptions were rich, I especially liked your description of the room she entered.
The value of a woman? Not much here nor in many parts of the world today. sad and true-to-life and extremely well-written.
This was so rich with atmosphere...amazing.
Incredible story that was so beautifully written. One of my favorites. Superb.
Very well done and so true about the sad life of these women. I'm impressed with your story.
Blessings, Patty