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Your title says it all. It's, indeed, difficult for teens, and even adults, not to want to be considered part of the "in crowd." You demonstrated that clearly with your story. May our desire always be to be clear witnesses for Christ.
Ouch. This expertly captures the double life we lead. One person at church, another at school or work. Excellent job. The ending is scary, to see how hard Amy is trying to preserve two images to make one person she cannot be. I was hoping that Jill would help her change her mind...
Ouch! Been there, done that. Straddling the fence is certainly a dangerous place to be, someone could get hurt. Thanks for sharing this thought-provoking story.
Great story and so real it took me back to my teens about a hundred years ago. I really loved the last line. So right-on about hypocrisy and fence-sitting.
I really liked this. Hits too close to home as often we try to appear differently to people. Unfortunately the enemy tries to get us in his grasp and use us instead of us being used by the Lord, unashamed of our faith. Good job!
I like the way you portrayed your characters. You showed the typical teens of these types so well!
Excellent, I've seen this kind of thing in the youth ministry on several occasions. Well written. Nicely done.
This piece accurately reflects the sad truth of what is affecting many people today (teenage and otherwise). The desire to fit in with the cool crowd while also being a Christian misfit can definitely tug a person back and forth. Your ending drove home the point that we are either following Christ or we aren't. We are either in or out. There is no in between life that we can live.
Oh man, you hit the problem right on the head with this one! This brought back so many high school memories of trying to fit in, trying to be a Christian, and not knowing how to stand strong in every situation. Come to think of it, I still have this problem once in a while. Funny thing is, it's mostly a church thing now. Owie. Great story with a powerful punch.