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Your analogy was presented excellently and your message was clear. I thought the saddest picture was Jesus knocking on the door and not receiving entrance. The last line was just right.
Gave me goosebumps just reading this. I'm glad that Tammy 'came around'. I was so hoping that she would. This was a creative look on what happens in our lives when we lock others out of our hearts, especially the ONE who needs to be in there. Thank you for sharing this special piece!
This was right on target for the topic--and it truly held my interest from start to finish. A very creative way to show the selfish side and then, the repentant side of choices made in haste, and then love. The image of Jesus patiently knocking on our "door" stirred me.
The last line definitely clinched it. Nice job! A very creative analogy that makes the perfect point.
Very well crafted. Jesus showed patience knocking. Glad she made the right choice in the end.
Your title caught my eye, and your well-written story kept me reading with interest right to the excellent ending! I love stories that teach truths and offer hope in such an engaging manner. Good job! :)
WOW! This was really good! I caught myself holding my breath in anticipation.
Wonderfully written and it reminds me once again that Jesus is a gentleman...He does not barge in patiently waits, knocking. Well done.
Wow! I don't know if there are words to describe my emotions right now. I'll never forger the image of Jesus knocking and knocking and knocking. Simply beautiful!
Really creative analogy and great ending! Jesus never gives up and I'm so grateful-that could have been me!
I enjoyed the sense of camaradarie among the group on the porch. Drenched with spiritual significance
Nothing more beautiful and precious than redemption. Very compelling story, so significant. Got a few in my family I'm out on the porch waiting for.
Wow. This is both creative and powerful...really well done!
I like your illustrations. I'm glad your MC came around. Nicely done.
Poignant, Vonnie. The analogy and message are powerfully creative with the topic, too. So many just can't hear that knock and so many are waiting and praying for their loved ones to answer.
Fantastic story. Wow. Very creative. Well done!