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I really enjoyed the "game" and loved the twist at the end. Good writing.
Oh AWESOME twist! You really had me going there. I was all ready to rip apart this coach who wasn't seeing this kid's potential. LOL! Excellent, excellent job here! I loved it. I did want to see a little more of what made Evan so horrible, but I guess the word count had something to do with that. I just felt sorry for him, more than anything. Good job though! I love stories with the underdog!
Having 3 kids in sports, and a husband who coaches--this is definitely close to home! Great story-coaches usually have a method to their madness--glad this one's was revealed.
Great story--great message--liked the surprise ending too. Thumbs up on writing this to fit the topic perfectly.
Terrific sports piece! Very enjoyable story, even for some who may not be sports fans (like me). Good job.
Patience! Wait! Your time to shine will come!

These are the words that flew through my brain as I read this story. Then to find out WHO was the coach. Kinda makes me think this could cross as an object lesson in the kingdom of God.

Excellent story.
Well, pass me the knee warmer blanket and the thermos of cocoa. You know your football, doncha?

I enjoyed reading this well written piece. LOVE the twist at the end.
Great story and loved the surprise ending. Well done.
This story had my adrenaline flowing in the play by play action. Great characterization, realistic and not too stereotyped. The ending, with the dad showed wisdom, the son's doubts turned into a great win-win lesson.
I LOVE football. You did a great job with capturing the essence that is football from beginning to end. Oh, the father's words at the end of the story were priceless.
Ooh! VERY good. I love twists. I had thought earlier that maybe the first string QB was related to the coach, but hadn't thought of it the other way. Well done!
You're making me itch for football season! Great story...wonderfully told...and I LOVED the last line! Well done!
I'm not a sports fan, but I loved your story and your ending tackled (oops-tickled) me!
Being the grandmother of boys, 13,14,16, I really get it. Very good take on the topic. We sit on the sidelines and wait for our boys to get in, too.
Wow, perfect! I was in that game every minute! I love that ending, too.
Oh, I really like this and having two sons who played sports in high school and now college I totally can relate to this. I like the suprise ending. Kudos to you for being able to write a believable realistic sports piece with success and no one would even know a female wrote it. Way to go!! Yes!!! Great job hon. God bless.:0))))
I may not know much about football but this scored a touchdown from me! It flowed very nicely and I especially loved the twist at the end. Terrific.
Love this story...the ending was awesome. Love football, and Friday Night Lights. Great writing, and great take on the topic.
Ahh... loved the ending!
CONGRATS! I loved this story!! YAY! Good job Woohoo!!Keep up the excellent writing hon!!
GREAT story! ... I couldn't wait for one of your signature "twist endings". Congrats on top honors!
Congratulations on your 1st place, Kristen. Great writing.
I don't know much about football, but I do know this is a GREAT story! :) It fit the topic so perfectly, and I did love the surprise ending! CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 1ST PLACE EC!!
WOOT!!! Congrats on your 1st place EC! That is totally awesome! ^_^
Congratulations! Thats a great story
This is a really cool story. Congratlations on your first place win.
Fantastic job! Sports stories have a way of telling all kinds of truths in an entertaining way and your certainly didn't disappoint. Congratulations!
Ah. While the story was somewhat predictable, the ending did catch me and brought it all together quite nicely. Well done and congratulations.
Wow!! Great job, fantastic writing, Kristen. I'm so happy to see your 1st EC win!
Congratulations on your win! Great story line. I live with all men and couldn't begin to write about the game like that. Way to go.