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Your story demonstrates so well what a difference one person who has accepted the Messiah can make in the life of others. I was interested to see how the story would unfold.
LOVED this! the intereaction between these two roommates was very realistic and a great reminder of how some small actions speak volumes and how sometimes a quieter approach makes all the difference.
Great illustration of how God uses believer's to bring others into the Kingdom. This story had a very gentle quality in the relationship between the roommates. And yes, often a subtle approach is better than a forceful one.
We have an older Jewish couple in our church who know the Messiah as their Savior. They would love this story! I too enjoyed the gentle approach to this story. The dialogue was great as well.
P.S. I forgot to mention that I liked the title. Most appropriate.
Well written and I loved the fact that she "showed" her Christianity more than force fed her beliefs. Good job.
Great job-That's the kind of witness I want to be. Very well written too.
Oh this is good. Believable dialogue and setting. Great way of offering up the message of truth. If only everyone could enter Right Way Cafe, sit a spell and find the truth.:0) Blessings!!:0)
Wonderful interaction between these two roomies. Love the message and the dialogue.
05/13/09 important in a believer's life, and so fruitful when done with humility.
Great entry.
If only Christains would learn to "show" instead of "tell" like we aspire to do as writers. I so often fail at both...

I loved the message here and we all could take heed.

You wrote it well and did a great job.