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Your story is evocative and describes well the inner turmoil of a person in extreme physical pain. I loved the inhale/exhale of Jesus on her lips and the blue sky through the cracked roof. All thoughts big and small going on simultaneously came across as very real at a time like this. Well done.
I was on the edge of my seat! Great personification - you made the scene jump off the page. The comfort of heard and answered prayer blankets the terror of your MC. I keep hearing Paul say "Pray without ceasing." Wonderful writing.
Brilliant and painful. The constant theme of prayer is the salvage of this body and soul.
Very intense, well-written piece showing the struggle between hope and fear in a devastating, destructive crisis. I like how the MC wondered if her rescuer was Jesus--which on a deeper level, He truly was!! :)
I forgot to mention that I really like these lines:

"Panic rises like magma. It fills my being. With no means of release, it threatens to explode.

Help me, Jesus, help me!

Fear pauses. It crouchesstill there, but no longer on the advance."
Whew! That was intense! ;) Very well written. I certainly felt it. Really great choice of words and images.
Couldn't read this without feeling the intensity/fear/faith/pain/wonder, reality.
Very good indeed.
Oh, this was perfectly intense...I hung on every word. Superb.
Great writing. I felt like I was there, trapped under the desk. Excellent!!!
I love that she called on Jesus the entire time.

This piece had me feeling uncomfortable as I read it, which I think means you succeeded in what you set out to accomplish. You drew the reader in and made them feel what your character was feeling. Excellent work!
This was well written and kept me reading from beginning to end. I can sense the emotions well.
This is done so well. I've never been in an earthquake,but you've made me feel like I have. The way you described the MCs pain rinsed me of how I suffer with my chronic pain.
Wow, powerful story. You had me there, and I loved how you personified the panic...crouching and waiting, but not there as strongly after the prayers.