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Powerful story. You created a vivid, realistic picture of grief and the thoughts and emotions that accompany it. Excellent work.
This is a beautiful yet sad account of what so many suffer in this life. Thank you for writing it.

This line, "Help me fight the wiles of the enemy and the seductive duplicity of this emotional noose. Give me the strength to resist the macabre, self indulgence that repeatedly brings me here" is a beautiful prayer to our very present help in trouble. Well done.
I could picture this man hovering over his wife's grave and grieving for his loss. So many emotions fill a grieving heart, but only God can truly bring comfort. So glad this husband finally asked for help from the one that will not fail him.
Very powerful. It is a good reminder when people have lost loves ones not to forget the pain they are still in, years later.
I'm still absorbing this awesome piece. I think the MC's opening question is answered in his closing prayer. He had avoided the place, but had also avoided letting go. He had to return again to see that. Beautifully crafted writing, deep and though-provoking.
This is a very emotionally intense piece that clearly portrays the deep levels of grief we inhabit when a loved one dies.

These lines, particularly, touched me: "When I am here I see nothing but the fading image of her face; it’s like the aura before a blinding headache…it begins as a distraction in my peripheral vision…growing larger and more intense as the moments pass. But if I try to look straight at it, it is not there. When I again focus on the horizon, the aura reappears. After a while, it’s gone. The absence of the aura brings the pain."

I appreciated the sense of hopefullness at the end when your MC cried out for God's help.
You have captured the essential necessity and eventual ensnaring trap of grief perfectly. The way out is prayer, lots and lots of prayers. One of the best this week.
Yea, what everybody else said. Beautiful, powerful.
Coming upon the anniversary of my precious father's death, I could so relate to this entry. Thanks for sharing.
I could feel the torment and agony inside this man. His pain became mine as I read.

I never did understand graveyards for the very reason you mentioned in this. The people aren't there, so why visit a stone?

Powerful writing. Very powerful.
Ah, it is that time again. Well written form of hammering out your grief. Prayed as I finished.
This is stunningly beautiful there are just too many wonderful phrases to speak to individually. Your own words seem to sum up my take on this piece "It’s deliciously paralyzing." I also liked the symbolism when you expressed even after the mud has been washed from the knees. Congratulations on this well deserved EC win.
Unstoppable YOU!

I wasn't going to read this b/c of your Prozac warning. lol (seriously) but then I came here and nibbled a little around the edges, to see if I could handle the intensity of it.:)And then I read the whole thing--slowly. I really sat with it. I'm so glad I did.
Beautiful, beautiful writing, Michele.

Congratulations! ...again and again and... ;)

Yay, you!
Truly superb writing, draws the reader into the depths and keeps him there pondering.
You are a master of description.