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Just wonderful and so creative. This is a winner. I'm sure of it. Great job.
A good illustration of Peter's advice to wives in first Peter chapter three.
Ditto, I liked the Hi-YA!
We struggle over some of our dearest loved ones who avoid God. Isn't it wonderful that He can do what we can't? Great entry.
Praying hard for a hard heart and the softening comes in the Lord's time. Terrific!
I just love this to pieces. :)
The little details like "tracts on the toilet seat" are so fun. Not too subtle was she? ;)
Great writing!
I have chills! There is a wonderful lesson written in this excellent story! Bravo!
HIYA! What a wonderful story! The karate chop analogy is perfect. I loved watching the wife grow into God's peace about her husband's salvation.
Wonderfully creative take on the topic. And a great message, too. Very well done!
I like the karate theme in prayer here. Each little bit, weakens the board of resolve.
Let go and let God... Easy to say and difficult to follow through on. Loved your ending. Great analogy.
This is very well-written. I liked the Karate comparisons you used. The ending was a bit predictable, but the last line was GREAT. I loved it.
Don't brag, but this was great! HiYA!
A lovely and interesting read. Enjoyed the story and the way you put the message across. We certainly need to work hard at bringing our loved ones to the Lord and maybe give a soft nudge once in a while if the hard approach does not work.
Loved this....amazing what God can do in the lives of those we love when we lay them on the altar for the Lord to have. Well done.
Very wise and encouraging message in this wonderful story! Great job! :)
This seems to sum it up "Lots of practice. And determination, Brianna says.
God blesses the fervent and persistent prayers of the faithful. Great way in presenting this truth and excellent job in communicating it. Congratulations on your EC.
Oh Lynda, this is soooo well written. I love the voice of the M.C. and I know many of us can relate to this. That's what I love about writing for the kingdom and letting him pen the words. Let go and Let God indeed! Hugs. Congrats honey. Love ya!
This one hit home with me--28 years into our marriage, and much praying,finally brought my husband to church with me. It's all in God's timing and we are never to give up on those we love.
Thanks for the encouragment this story will supply to others in the same situation.
The very title of this story drew me in because I'm a previous Tae Kwon Do student and I LOVE martial arts! The story is just as engaging as the title and touched my heart from the moment you began talking about praying for your husband's hard heart. The ending makes me want to shout out praises to God! And since it's a true story (right?) then I definitely will!