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LOL...poor Mildred. :-) But I had a couple of questions...why wasn't the new toothbrush in a package and would she really let Mildred brush her teeth with super glue? I wanted to see what would happen once they got to the hotel and Mildred went to brush her teeth. But you know, who cares? Too funny.
I think that this is one of those zany best-friend stories where the details don't always have to work out precisely. It was crazy but humorous in its own way. Bit unfair mind to fall in love right at the start of your vacation!
Tee hee. I like it. Hee hee.
I don't know if I want to brush my teeth with superglue, but it would probably do the trick. Loved the relationship of these two old friends.
It seems this pair of "best forever friends" could become the focus of a bunch of vignettes like this. A real hoot!
Fun, fun, fun! I love it! Your last line was PERFECT: "It's the least I could do." Ha! I love a good any age!
Hilarious. I want to read about the rest of their trip.
Your characters are superb as revealed through their dialogue, and the humorous plot is great fun to follow.
I wondered who had written this. Love it! So funny and charming. Great job!
I loved reading about these two ladies. How old were they? The toothbrush, the flirting, hehe, crazy fun!
I laughed out loud...I really LOVE a good belly laugh. And I love Lucy! This was truly hilarious. You have a very good knack for humor--keep writing it.
This story makes my roadtrips with my girlfriend seem pretty boring. Could this be a true story? Pretty "out there". Good job, a real hoot.
Too funny! I too love a good laugh, and you've certainly got a great touch for humor! Love it!
Huge grin! What fun!!

The doctor liked waxed floss. Mildred pretended to agree. Her purse happened to be gaping open and her unwaxed floss was about to spill out. I snapped her bag shut. It was the least I could do.

I think that bit just made my day! Totally creative and "feel good" ending.
Love it.
Great job .. and thanks!! :)
What a cute and delightful story on the topic. Loved it and the ending was fantastic.
Very humorous...super read...well done.
At first I thought I was on a ride with Thelma and Louise, but I enjoyed the company of these two ladies much more. The observations of the "patient" made in the doctor's presence were hilarious!
This is the kind of zany humor that I love. You are the queen of laughs, Betty. You put your characters into compromising (and always hilarious) situations. I loved how Mildred's choice in toothbrush and floss quickly changed in front of the doctor. Thanks for sharing this. :)
Loved the older ladies and think they'd be fun to take a trip with! :D I prefer soft-bristles myself, so I wouldn't have to worry about super-glue!! Fun story!
: ) Congratulations, Betty. I see we were neck and neck on this one. I really enjoyed this even the second time around. Loren
Happy Dancin' with you for placing with this delightfully humorous entry.
Just the cutest,funniest thing! Just like you! No wonder you find yourself in the winner's circle so much. You're GOOD! And you're delightfully funny!
Love ya !
Congratulations on your EC placement with this fun and very entertaining story.