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Oh you clever, clever writer! I love the king's "been there, done that" deportment. Nice twist at the end, and so well written. What a princely piece:)
Yep. You got me. Great twist; did not see that one coming! This was sweet, funny, and so very clever. Amazing writing!
You really were teasing with that title, weren't you, making us believe that the princess would fall for the squire! Clever unfolding and some lovely illustrations of good and bad manners. Just one little quibble- I couldn't quite work out what the test was meant to be.

you aren't capable of a "worst story ever!" This one is a delight with the contrast between hard hearts, hard bony angles and the soft welcoming bosom of the wife at home.

Lovely fun to read.

I love the king's attitude...blah,blah,blah. This must have been such fun to write.
Are you kidding me? Worst story ever? I think not! I really like the line "soft everywhere the princess was not". And yup, didn't see that ending coming. I love stories from thie era and you did a great job- really enjoyed it.
I think the funniest thing is how we dislike our own creation, yet others seem to love it the most.

Case in point: this is NOT your worst piece yet. I loved the twist. You had me with the thinking the Princess would choose Fergus. HA! Great story! Great twist!
Humph! If this is your worst story ever, then I aspire to consistently write at the level of your "worst"! :-) I love unexpected endings, and you do them so well.
Sigh. If only I could write as poorly as this. ;)
Clever and FUN and wonderful little details.
I'm with Mona- blah blah blah... made me smile.
Great stuff, Jan.
Hee-hee! I enjoyed this fun piece with its unexpected twist!

This line was a favorite: 'As the men neared Calinor, they found the road festooned with bright banners of welcome, and Tremayne noted with a stab of joy that his name had been spelled correctly on each one.' :D

I do wonder, though, why the princess let Becca go back home with her father Fergus. I wish you'd had more words left to expand it a bit, as I love stories set in medieval times!

Great job! :)

This is highly entertaining. I'm not sure why exactly, but the story of Esther popped into my head while I was reading this. Maybe it was the banquet and the "half of the kingdom" remark. Whatever it was, this was fun!
I had to read what you considered your worst story ever. Shame on you for putting down this charming story!!

First of all, I should have known that there would be a twist since you taught us not to reveal the ending in the title. It did make me very curious and I was assuming (as I sure you wanted me to) that the princess was falling for Fergus. I loved the ending and the extra, extra twist of him bringing back their daughter. Perfect! I loved it, I loved it!
Great descriptions here and an enjoyable story. I thought it was just a touch weak on topic until the end. (My opinion). I'd like to read more of your "worst" story ever. :-)
I knew I was in for a treat from the beginning and hung on every word, then giggled when you caught me at the end. Just fun!
Very ingenious. You must lay awake at night coming up with new ideas and creative angles. Inspiring.
I was a more than a little bit surprised at the end. I got a different impression of the princess right up until the time she asked Tremayne about the idiot. Nevertheless this was a very entertaing entry and an interesting POV on the topic.
This was a delightful story and great use of the topic. Loved it.
Your creativity and writing ability astound...well done!
Of course, we should have known from the very beginning what a fool this prince Tremayne was when he thought "Blast all kings and their blasted tests of worthiness, thought Tremayne, as his steed galloped toward the castle." Did he honestly think he'd remain a prince for ever? I liked, too, the way the fable wove back into itself to reveal a very clever moral.
Ah, now I know why the princess's reactions to Fergus' kind actions bothered me. I was hoping he didn't get the princess. Yeah! But he did bring Becca home to her mother. Loved every word of this wonderful tale.