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An interesting take on the beginning. Nice.
I could relate to the MCs loneliness. Then, the last lines added depth to this piece.
I enjoyed reading it, but also thought it was unlikely that the animals would be so unafraid. Then came the twist at the end to prove me wrong. Well done!
Really nice take on the beginning and the end of loneliness. Well written.
Gerald, this is outstanding! I don't know why I didn't tumble to the twist at all, but the aha! moment was extremely satisfying! Loved it!
It was all I could do not to skip ahead to see what was happening. I loved the twist, loved the descriptions, loved it all.
I totally enjoyed this take on the story. No reason why it couldn't have happened just like this!
Your descriptions are absolutely gorgeous and the ending is a wonderful surprise! Exceptional!
You've done it again. One of my favorites this week. Beautiful writing.
Superb writing. I like nothing better than reading about a well-known Bible passage from a totally new perspective that puts life and emotion into it. You delivered perfectly.
I loved this! It didn't even dawn on me who or what was speaking until the end.
Although I was surprised, it made complete sense.

Great story!
Wow! That was extremely well done...I didn't know who it was until the end! I thought someone had lost their mate at times and then I wondered what kind of post this person was on to be all alone...Alaska or something? well written and well done!
Very nicely done, and you certainly got me with the ending.
This is an incredibly well-written story. The ending absolutely blew me away! The emotions were so raw and honest. You certainly passed the first person, present tense lesson with flighing colors.
This is exceptional, and I'm so glad I didn't read the comments before reading. It would've spoiled my surprise. "Wow" doesn't cut it.
You really had me puzzled regarding where this was going. At first I related it to my own loneliness before I found Jamie. Then I started to get suspicious as to who this person was, and then you hit me with your ending, and I was like WHOA! Very nice take on the topic! I like that God gave Adam a mate.
Oh my...this was incredible. Absolutely lovely, with a wonderful ending. Loved it!