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In the end the only worldview that matters is the biblical one--I agree.
In a word: astounding. I feel as I've joined Alice behind the looking glass. What is first becomes last by looking back; and what is last, in this backward, upside down world, becomes the first over everything.
Wow! The first time through I was reminded of Ecclesiastes. With the second (reverse) reading I was blown away. This is so powerful and the author, brilliant! Love this!
This is incrediblewhat more can I say.
I am blown away by your stroke of genius and the marvelous proclamation of our Lord in this creed. What divine inspiration.
Wow! That was incredible. I had to read it several times, just to take in the brilliant writing. Truly inspired.
Awesome. The creative genius is mastery. How does your mind even work that way? Incredibly done! Super creative! Both thumbs way up.
WOW! This gets an A++ from me for creativity!! :) Excellent message and clever craftsmanship!! You are a talented writer!!
Absolutely sublime craftsmanship.
I read the poem several times and with each reading, I gleamed more. Simply amazing.
Absolutely superb. Loved it!
This is absolutely awesome. I'm always blown away by your creative genius. I must admit that one little word confounded me and had me scratching my head. In your final explanation, I think you mean the last line--not word. I wasn't getting any sense out of anything reading backwards from the last word. Then I figured out your genius. :-)
Oh my! Very clever. You could write cyphers with talent like this!
Amazing...outstanding job!
Alright, so I skipped the authors note somehow, then the endnote didn't click until I read another commentor. Then WHAMMM! It hit me. What a message!

This is awesome!
AWESOME! You would love the Creation Museum in Cincinnati. The whole theme is: same fossils-different interpretation. The big secret in science is that "facts" can be and ARE interpreted from the observers own POV-FIRST. Blind results can still be interpreted according to a researcher's base belief.
I love this creative and powerful entry.
Oh my goodness. That was awesome. You are definitely a fantastic writer to have figured out how to do that. Excellent job!
Astounding. Amazing. I'm blown away. You are an incredibly talented writer, and I'm honored to call you my friend.
Lisa, I don't know what to say. This is beyond brilliant, and absolutely astounding. Masterful in every sense!
Wow. Zer. You hit it out of the park with this piece. Whether you place with it or not, it belongs in print in as many places as you can get it. Brilliant.
OH MY GOSH! This has to be one of the most creative and amazing pieces that I have ever read here on FaithWriters (and I have read a bunch). I love how reading it forward gives the evolutionist/atheist view and backwards is the Christian view. This totally blows my mind and baffles me as to how you managed to create this! You, Lisa, are a true talent and remind me to keep my day job as a computer tech, because no way could I ever compete with writing as good as this! This just begs to receive an EC! Bravo!
Very creative and without in any way taking away from God's truth. A truly wonderful read. Thank you.
Very very very very excellently well-crafted! I'm a big fan of apologetics. :)
Very good. Excellent writing.
lisa, send me another PM please (on the site, not on the boards). I hit 'delete' too soon, and I don't have your new e-mail.