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Lovelylike a living portrait.
Absolutely stunning!!

Stunning, I tell you!

I'm pret-ty sure I know who wrote this. ;)
Your descriptions are breathtaking, powerful, delightful! You are a master at painting pictures with words!! :)

One of my favorite passages: "...sweet music of the afternoon floats effortlessly in the air like dandelion puffs over a summer meadow. Clouds billow like fluttering curtains at opened windows.

Beauty peaks before the pluck. Nature holds her breath, but nothing can forbear the shortening of the shadows that have begun their backward track. Day stands at the apex of its age. Muscled, no longer young, day plows forward over fertile fields, tilling behind itself deep burrows to lay at last its own growing shadows at dusk."

Wonderful use of the music of language, especially alliteration. This needs a slide show behind it!
Haunting in its intensity, my favourite section was the melanchony one.

I'm guessing that the story is intended to be partly allegorical, portraying an individual's life from birth to death and his acceptance into the Father's arms. If this is so, then my main critique would be that I didn't cotton on until the twilight. In fact when I stumbled across the word 'man', I actually backtracked to see if this was his first appearance in the story. Oherwise it came across as a marvellous celebration of nature in its various and glorious shades. Well done.
I would echo what everyone else has said. This is absolutely gorgeous!
As I read, I thought of a master painter dipping into all hues of color. Word choices are gorgeous and creative.
I'm nearly speechless after reading this. Such mastery of words. It is pieces like this that really humble me and make me realize how much talent greater than myself is around here on FaithWriters. I'd love to see this published somewhere with some scenery to illustrate its descriptions.
Literary brilliance. That's all I'm sayin. ;)
Wow! Word Art in all its glory. Beautiful.
The beauty of this is beyond words. Superb in every way.
Beyone beautiful!