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Very dramatic and intense. I had a bit of trouble figuring out the connection between the first "vignette" and the other two, but it could just be me. was she a nurse filling out paperwork? It is POSSIBLE I know who wrote this. I love the last line!
Really cool title, and I like the "three vignettes" structure.

I was confused, too, by the connection between the three stories, until I read it a few times. I think starting with dialogue led to the confusion--I needed you to set the scene first.

I hope my daughter gets a nurse very much like you when she delivers!
Okay...I have read this several times, and I think I get it(with Jan's help, lol). It was so very intense and fast paced, and left me wanting more (in a good way). Nice job!
I too got confused at the first part of the story, but after a second read, it made more sense, because I had the information from the second and third parts.

I really liked the format of this, and I think your nurse stories are some of your best works. Maybe it's because you have a bit of experience in this area perhaps? :)