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Well-written story. I'm hoping for Chapter Two.
Wow, I'm impressed. Fits the theme beautifully and great voice.
Well written. This does cry out for the next chapter. If she becomes a Christian then this was only the end of the beginning. I enjoyed this.
Well written...Left me wanting to read more of the story.
A masterpiece of atmosphere and setting--wow, you're good!
Excellent story-telling. I enjoyed how it moved along with so many interest elements unfolding, great MC.
I agree with all the comments left so far. A very good story.
This is SO good... and the characters are so real. I agree, it needs a sequel! Very good work.
Great writing. You do pathos just as well as humor. Your characters are so real I think I've met them.
Wow, this was SO excellent! Perfect balance of drama with a touch of the headless lion. Life is so like that; something strangely funny in the midst of disaster. Loved this!
Wow! This story has the definite stamp of a gifted writer! It has such an authentic feel, and the ending was so sad. My hat is off to you! :)
You had me captivated with this story from the start. It is well-written and agreed. Would love to see a second chapter.
I wonder if a parent truly knows what these following words mean to a child
"Mama hugged me and talked through her tears. “Sherry Jo, if you ever need to come back home, you know our door is open.” "

You captured so much in this piece, how'd you do it in only 750 words? This is beautiful in its pathos. I am at once saddened by the disillusionment of the marriage, but encouraged by the grace your MC found by coming to Christ. God bless the church!
This is the kind of real-life drama I enjoy reading. You did a great job and made me want more- excellent.
I like the title. I had a different ending in my head, but was glad for the one you provided. The guy needs to grow up.
You really made me care for your MC. I felt as though she was sitting face-to-face with me and telling me her story. I sure hope she found a good Christian man to take care of her.Good job with characters in this one. :)