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Love the title. Isn't God amazing!
I'm always intrigued by stories set in pioneer times. I want to know how Lizzie learns to fit in with her husband's way of life. Maybe another topic, another week.
I really like the title too and I think this is quite creative.
I think the word you wanted is doleful. doeful is not a word.
A remarkable bit of storytelling. I loved it and would love to hear a collection of these pioneer stories.

Yes, remarkable indeed.
I think doeful was used on purpose, actually. It would describe the woman's look - like a doe frozen in fear from headlights of a car. :) Am I right?
Now this is the way I like to read history. What an enjoyable account told beautifully!
I was intrigued by your title and very much enjoyed your story! I love historical fiction and non-fiction, and this was very satisfying! You have a nice descriptive style, and the ending was lovely! :)