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A lot of us can identify. Well done.
ROFL... that was awesome. You sure pegged us. Hmmm.. maybe you are a Faithwriter too? LOL. I especially love your Author note!
This was hysterical! I loved it even though I felt like you must have been writing about me. It's nice to know other people have the same (sometimes not so Christian) thoughts as I do.
Great use of humor and illustration of the topic!
I really enjoyed your story, found bits of it a little too close for comfort. I especially got a kick out of how smart the judges are when we place.:-)
Yowsas - I'm giggling and squirming at the same time. Great take on the topic. I do so adore your honesty and bravery (imagine the PM's you'll get from this one!!) and love that you can poke fun at yourself (and at me - ouch, stop poking!)
Oh, this is rich! Loved every word (and no fair peeking around in my brain like that).
Yep, you got us all down pat.
Enjoyed this as it poked good fun at me too and my poor responses. Thanks for this entry.
Love it! It's like our feelings and thoughts have leaked out of our ears and found their way on your pc. With a slightly red face I have to admit I could relate to this. This is so funny! They day humor usually has truth to it.:0) Keep it up! God bless ya hon!