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I know nothing about poetry but I know that this poem has me from the first line to the last, Very fun to read!
Delightful! How silly we act sometimes, getting upset over the simplest things, afraid to try something new or different. Thanks for an enjoyable and well-written entry.
Very clever and entertaining.
What a clever, well written piece! And oh so true...Its funny, I felt like I was right there on the swing, and at the table!
This is FANTASTIC. I ONLY drink iced tea...and I drink it ALL day. My hubby drinks his hot. Maybe....

Really, this was delightful and I enjoyed every line. I also love a challenge and see many truths in your poem, but I'm not sure if I know exactly what your're loooking for. Perhaps, that we shouldn't judge others unless we've walked in their shoes (or sipped their tea!). Also, don't criticize what you don't know. It's okay to have friends who are different and we should appreciate those differences.(Those last two don't quite fit). Am I even close??

Once again, BRAVO!
Delightful poem--I caught the slant rhyme in a few places--and I could visualize every moment. Love it, Gerald!
I can't say I found life-changing truth in every line, but I certainly enjoyed your poem and chuckled that the ladies didn't swap teas when they were brought.
Not sure of the challenge you speak of, but I am sure that I love this. I cannot write poetry, but I admire those who can. Not only is this poem well-written, but it is also very clever and fun to read. Some poetry can be bland and boring, but this poem made me laugh and taught me a good lesson. One of my favorites so far this week.
Who are these ladies? Where do they live? I have to meet them. They are delightful. I stumbled once or twice on the meter, but that doesn't negate the fact that this is a very charming poem. I think I got your message. Is it be willing, be flexible, don't judge? Hey, even if that's not what you meant, maybe you will find it cool that somebody gleaned that from it.
Great poem, loved it. Grinniest grin? Very clever.
Adorable and fun, fun, fun like Dr. Suess for adults!! The last lines made me NEED to go back and read it all again. Perfect.
Very funny, and of course - the man had to come to the rescue:) Funny poem, funny is my favorite:)
I loved this si much, Gerald! It is the simple things, sharing time and tea, that hold high value with me.
It the South, tea is
great entry.
This was a great poem, flowed well, and I did indeed get the meaning that we should always be willing to try new things in life.
Giggle... I liked the setting of the first stanza...very typical!
Well done, as usual!
Very witty. Makes me squirm at how petty and catty we ladies can be.
You nailed it!
A perfectly delightful, witty read.
I always enjoy your entries.
I loved this and how it shows we could all benefit from seeing things from a different perspective at times.