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Very good, and that last line is delicious.
Your title drew me in (reminded me of a line from an old movie, even if that's not what you intended. :)). I reallly liked the e-mail layout and the "dialect" she uses. Fits perfectly. Very well written!
I actually know someone who has ice cream and coffee together, so your story strikes me as authentic. This is entertaining and made me smile.
I love the humor and your spunky mc and especially, the ending.
Very nice entry and I love the ending;)
Catrina, I LOVE it! Wonderful voice, charming story, superb use of the topic. Love. It.
Oh, this is sooo good. Charming voice, for sure. My only thought is that the voice is so authentic and real, I almost think it should be perhaps a message on an answering machine or something rather than an email. I think it sounds like how she'd talk, but is it how she'd write? Just a thought! Bravo!
Oh yummy. I love the voice in this piece. I could just hear her in my head. Well done. Title drew me in as well. I just had to find out "what she was having" ;-)
I also loved the voice in the mc. This is a very creative, spunky approach to the topic. Very, very enjoyable!
I enjoyed your delicious take on hot and cold. (In fact I may well try coffee and ice cream!) A great read.
I think this has a lot of comments because it's so GOOD! I absolutely love it. Thumbs up all the way!
This is so funny. Perfect voice. The Poshy Poshy Poo Poo just cracked me up. Thanks for the laugh.
This was an awesome take on marriage and my two favorite foods: coffee and ice cream. I loved the way you tied it all together and how your mc was the first to try work things out. Good job!
Love the title (fantastic scene wasn't it??) and the whole piece was just poshy poo poo perfect! The voice was so real, the squishy love and spicy fire hinted at were endearing. Creative, completely entertaining and even includes a dash of lesson in there! Fab.
Oh, so cute, so sweet, so clever!! :D Your story made me smile--from intriguing title to perfect ending!
I think you did an excellent job with the tenses from Jan's class. You engaged the reader all the way through and made it all very convincing. I liked the "message" (subtle as it was/is)...sometimes we can learn from watching others and sometimes, they in turn can learn from us. Man, if that isn't a burden, I don't know what it. Great job/lesson, Cat. Your work is a joy to read.
I love the voice. I tend to agree about it being more powerful as a voice message, but still it packs a powerful punch. Well done.
Congratulations on your EC. This cracked me up--again. So happy that it placed.
I'm so happy for you, Cat! Great job and I had a sneaking suspicion this would place.
Congratulations - Loren
This is beautifully written, and so true-to-life. Opposites not only attract... they often enhance each other. Congratulations on a very well-deserved EC!!
Congratulations on your EC, Catrina! I loved your story.
CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR EC!! I suspected this would be in the Winners' Circle today!! :D
Hee! Cute and good writing.
What a cute email. We can see our lives on the practical side if we just take a look around us. My husband puts ice cream IN his coffee at times. LOL
Wow! Speechless! Beyond Words! Great!