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That's what real friends are for—spazing! Very good.
Aren't girlfriends great! They're the sisters some of us never had. Good story.
Great story. Reminds me of what true friends are about. Of course guys handle their friendships differently than women do, but I could still feel the bond these two women had in this piece. Also, you can't beat any story that has a hot tub in it. Makes me want to jump in one right now. :)
I am picturing bunches of us stuffed in hotel rooms in a place called Detroit, making these kinds of memories with dear girlfriends whom we have never met face to face, but whom we have grown to love so dearly. (that's a pitifully long sentence, but...well, you understand). Good job.
ohhhh...that sounds fun!
OOOh, this one was fun!!

I can't wait for Detroit, I sure hope I can manage a way there.
Thanks for sharing this special moment. I enjoyed reading it and could picture the two of you, since I had been to your home as well. So glad the Lord brought you two together and you get these moments even though it's only twice a year.
Great, great story. The emotion and bonding and LOVE these girls had was not only inspiring, it put a great, big grin on my face. Gotta love girlfriends!!
Your article of friendship was a great reminder to me to be thankful for the Christian "sisters" God has provided to brighten my life.
A very fun read. Sadly the stiff-upper-lip British tend not to have such easy relationship with friends who are not lovers. We are the poorer for it I fear.
You made it easy to visualize the whole scenario. Fun story!
HOW sweet, fun, precious and innocent is the love of close Godly friends. I celebrate His goodness with you. It reminds me of the love I share with my sister and my best friend! Okay, now I'm spazing out missing them...(sigh)
What a wonderful picture of true sisterhood!! I could envision the whole evening through your well-written piece! (And since I know where "Trish" lives, I could also picture the mountain in July where you played in the snow! :) ) Thank you for sharing this "testimony to friendship"!