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Delightful—especially appreciated by this particular coffee hound.
I think this was written in a caffeinated euphoria;) Very nice work!
I bet I know who wrote this one. Excellent job. Now I am craving a Starbucks coffee.
Send it in to Starbucks! I'll bet you have a new job as their promotions director (not that they need one...we need you more here at FW). This was a fun read, even without coffee in hand.
I'll have a caramel mocha latte right now, please. I liked the coffee and the marriage in the story.
Thank you for this charming bit of contemporary life, an enjoyable read as I drank my Starbucks cup of Kenya.

Masterful dialog.
:) that was good...
kept a smile on my face the whole time..
As one born in the Emerald City, I especially appreciated this story! I'm not a coffee drinker, though, but your story almost made me want to try a latte sometime! :) I loved especially loved your ending! Very clever, Marita!!
Very clever and a charming read! Loved the dialogue and characterization! Good writing!
You can tell that this one was written by one who truly loves her coffee. I just wish Starbucks wasn't so expensive, ya know? Good stuff! This was a fun fun read!
Very descriptive, but I hope you don't turn into a "Latte" Day Saint!