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Your title fitted your story well with the example of the disciple and the question: Do I have the passion to follow. Inspirationally written.
I like this soliloquy. Wish I could hear all the apostles speak their minds, just like this, in this present day.
This was very is easy for modern followers to forget what a real martyr looks like. Well done.
I love this monologue, and would love to see it performed on a sparse stage--very powerful.
Great voice. Peter's inner thoughts are a somber contrast to his fire-branded speech, and they add depth to the character. It seems to me he tells his visitors they need to make a choice, but he never really tells them the details of the options. It leaves me to assume his visitors already know the Good News, which isn't as satisfying. I'd like to see a little basic gospel & salvation sermonette sparked with that fire!
Ohh, very nice. I loved Peter's voice. Good job!
A very moving glimpse into the mind and life of Peter. Well done.
I loved the voice of the story. Even though it is Peter the reader can relate it to the time we are in now.
I loved this. Your leaving us with the question moved me. What choice will I make when my Savior asks me to obey? Well done.
"Choose wisely." What a challenge! Excellent POV.
Strength and warmth ... the Spirit of God portrayed beautifully. I'm very inspired by this work as a Christ follower and as a writer.
You brought me into your story and made me feel as though I was face-to-face with Peter listening to him speak. The message in this is a powerful one, and I like the POV you chose to convey it.