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Boy, did this one bring back memories. Great story and I loved this line especially: "Time falls cold-cocked on a hot sunny day." Good work.
Oh, the carefree times of childhood summers and sprinklers. Thanks for the memories and this fun read.
Woo-hoo! Ida and Adele are my kind of ladies! :) What fun characters! Your descriptions of the hose, the weather, the yard, etc. are truly inspired! I could feel the heat from the sun myself!! Terrific job!
I adore stories with older ladies, and I absolutely love yours. If they are southern, that earns them extra points with me. I truly wish your ladies were real and that I knew them. Better yet, I wish they lived on the pages with some of my older southern ladies.

Can you tell I love this piece? It's so well crafted and the characterizations are wonderful. I can't say enough.
This is a story to savor with its wonderful descriptions and delightful characters.
Absolutely lovely - and this line is brilliant - parched as a preachers tongue after a week of revival meetings!
I loved this! I remember running through sprinklers in my grandparents' yard, and the joy of teaching my son to make "rainbows" in my own. We are to have faith as little children, but your entry shows just how much joy comes from having fun as children do...all in, no holding back, delighting in the simple things. You brightened my day. :-)
Congratulations on your EC, Loren. This is great. The second paragraph cracked me up. Your writing is so engaging...and great job with the topic.
What a wonderful "young at heart" story! I loved it! Congratulations on your EC!!
Hee-hee! It still makes me laugh the second time through!

Loren, my friend, I suspected from the beginning that this was a winner, and I'm so thrilled I was right!! :D CONGRATS ON YOUR RICHLY-DESERVED EC!!
This was a great, descriptive story. Wonderful dialogue packed with humor and so much fun! Congratulations on your EC placement.
Excellent. I was cheering for your MCs "C'mon ladies!" Hooray! Wonderful descriptions--and a well deserved EC.
Okay, here I come, last one out is a rotten egg! i want to play, too.
I was out of town when winners were announced, so this comment is a bit late. I wanted to tell you how delighted I am this received an EC. It is one of my favorites for the week. Congratulations!
This entry is very fun. It is also very fun-ny.

I laughed at a number of lines that the women said. The one about Cora being a saint so if she is still around then the rapture hasn't taken place cracked me up.

Is there no end to the versatility of your writing talent? Glad I went back and reviewed this one. :)