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I used to love flying... until now. Love your ending. It shows that people can still make bad decisions even after God shows his mercy in an unquestionable way. I quess the moral is "Stupid stays stupid til Wisdom steps in."
The ending wasn't what I expected. I was sure Gerald had a change of heart. It works well this isn't so predictable. Nicely done.
There are so many unfortunate truths in this entry. Great writing, I was captivated!
Well-told story with a witty twist. I love your story-telling ... storytelling that might be even crisper with fewer adverbs.

I know I am going to retell this story sometime in a sermon if I might have your permission.
The unpredictable ending was sadly realistic. You presented a good message in your interesting story.
Great writing. It held my attention through the entire story. You know, we all struggle with learning the lessons God wants us to learn through his teaching. Nobody has perfected this. I suppose we all crawl back to our own vomit sometimes...just like dogs. But..It sure does present the delemma though. Bravo in writing a wonderful example of our pursuit to this learning...and the quest to perfect it!
Great story. I think another title would be better.
Wonderful way to use the topic.
What a realistic ending! It caught me off guard but it really fits...most people only want God in a crisis. I liked how you tied their lives together throughout the story...waking up and driving to the airport. Well done!
Great writing. Loved the story and the twist at the end was unexpected! Nicely done!
Your story very creatively illustrates the topic. Gerald, as others do, sadly let this opportunity pass by.
Well-told story with a couple excellent messages in both Lucy's and Gerald's reactions to their unexpected adventure!
"And you came down just the same..."

PERFECT ending. Incredible story-telling, masterful, and with a great message.
Oh Kristen! Love that ending but it's sad at the same time. Great story. Congratulations!
CONGRATULATIONS on your EC win for this well-told story! :)
I thought for sure I had this ending all figured out and then you surprised me. While I enjoy a happy ending, I think your ending reflects a sad but true reality that not everyone will learn from their experiences. So nice seeing you in the winner's circle yet again. :)
Perfect last line. Loved this piece.