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Absolutely great writing.
Wow! I can really relate to the up and down emotions. I love how you showed it here. Excellent work.
Great title. It caught my attention immediately. This is an excellent piece, the style matching the subject. Excellent job. This reader could relate.
I liked this praise song already. Now your excellent story will come to mind when I sing it.
Very good! You took a universal mommy-experience, and made it so absolutely creative--nicely done!
Fantastic take on the topic and I love how you wove in one of my favorite songs...great job!
Wow, this was so touching. Fabulous writing!
Oh, piano scales are perfect for "up and down". (as well as the trampoline and the despair of your MC) Your writing is powerful. Your title is so unique. We sang "Open the Eyes of my Heart" this morning. :)
Ooooh very nice. A little child shall lead them...even a mommy who fights on a trampoline of emotion.

My youngest is something like this, except he seems to know just when I need a hug.
Wonderful writing. Perfect voice. You drew me into the MC's struggles with depression. Excellent job.
Excellent writing. I felt your MC's frustration. Nicely done!
Splendid! I could feel the emotions. so very well written, creative and impacting.
The way you wrote out the grocery list and the bolded line of despair was very effective.
God bless.
Wonderful writing and a powerful subject. It is comforting to know other women struggle with up and down emotions. This is so well done! Very real. Loved the little girl and the piano scales. "Why are your eyes crying?" Loved that!
Congratulations on your EC, Laura. You did a great job with this piece, and I was so glad to see it placed.
Wow, I can see why this got an EC! Exceptional writing! I could feel every bit of it.
This was awesome LauraLee. I have also been ministered to by my kids singing a song that was perfect for what I was going through. God works in amazing and yet such simple ways.
WOW! Excellent piece! I loved your beginning line and your closing one before the Scripture! Your word choices were were so descriptive, and I was enchanted with Lilly!! CONGRATULATIONS on your well-deserved EC win! :)
Congrats on your EC, LauraLee! :)
I can totally relate to the ups and downs of your MC. This piece is a very realistic portrayal of what so many struggle with. You captured the essence of the topic very well, and you are totally deserving of your EC. This piece gives hope to those who might find themselves not knowing where to turn. You made it very clear, they need to turn to Jesus.
WHOO HOO!!! Awesome writing, Lalee! Glad I didn't miss this piece, it's wonderful! And I like Molly...what a cute story!
Whooo hoooo! Congrats on the EC award, Laura. Beautifully written piece which I know is dear to your heart. Thank you for sharing this word with us.
Excellent message. I love how you opened the story. You hooked me from the start. Congrats on EC.