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Oh chuckle! Believe it or not, this reminded me of something I read years ago by a lady I think was called Maribel Morgansomething to do with how to keep your husband interested!!!!! Very good.
Perfect Bible verse for the theme of this story. It reminds me so much of one of my favorite movies, "Friendly Persuasion" with Gary Cooper and Dorothy McGuire - the story of a civil war Quaker farm family in S. Indiana. It is easy to lose focus on the things that truly matter in our lives (relationships with one another rather than with work and things)and, as usual, it normally takes a woman's heart to wake us up to this. I liked the "conspiratorial" tone of the last paragraph, too. Hinting, possibly that the father understood this as well -
maybe from having once lived it as well.
I liked this sweet romantic story. Glad for Beth that her father must have been a romantic at heart too, thereby doing the future shopping for her.
I want to read more of the story--did it work for Beth? You engage the reader from the beginning, and the descriptive phrases you use are very seductive--perfect for this story. Excellent writing.
Perfect title, perfect use of the topic words, perfect use of lovely innuendo. I. Love. This. Story. Your writing astounds me!
Awesome story--One of the best I've read in my two years at FW following the challenge.
Excellent! I love romances and this one was TOP of the line!
What a delightful, sassy entry. You nailed the topic perfectly. Loved it!
Great writing that captures a sweet marriage moment and brings to mind a scripture...

Gen 2:24 For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.

Really good job with the topic.
Very enjoyable. It's sweet and romantic and all the better because it leaves it all up to one's imagination! Great job!
Hehehe Love that last line.

I got a bit confused about whether she was talking about her husband or father at first, but that's probably just me.

Great story. I like it.
Love this!!! You've either extensively researched this or you grew up on a farm you've got everything even down to the "prod this group down". When I got to the "fenugreek--one point six ounces" I had to smile. Love your ending, with the "pieces of hay." Awesome writing! Your MC has a great name, and by the way if you choose to write more about her. My husband raised hogs with my father for over ten years. Oh, and in the fall, I liked riding in the combine.
This was fantastic. Perfect balance of reality, humor and sensuality. So, so very good. Loved it!
What a wonderful story--so fun and detailed and realistic! And what a creatively sneaky way of getting some time alone! Very well done.
Your writing is amazing. Every time I read one of your stories, I learn something new. So descriptive, so entertaining, so genuine...loved it.
Yes, I agree this is very special. I am a sucker for romance done well which this is. Just loved the MC. The farm descriptions are flawless.
Well, I wasn't sure from the title, but with your usual talent you BLEW ME AWAY! Fantastic. The descriptions, the frustration of the MC, the feel, smell and taste of the farm - it was all here. And even a bit of smoking romance. The way you weaved the Up and Down theme all the way through was inspiring. Nice, all very, very nice.
Love this! Made me smile and very well written indeed.
Loved this, what more could add to what has already been said?
I love this. Beth is one clever wife. Grinning....
I really enjoyed this. Found myself stretching toward the end to see what came next. I love it when something captivates me- Terrific!
Great writing...very entertaining read...Well Done!!!
Masterful writing to be sure. The romance, the obstacle to fulfilment, and then how the MC found a way around the obstacles. Great humor in the ending, too.
Congratulations on your EC, Lisa. So glad to see this piece place. :)
I really enjoyed this one, Lisa - it is romantic and crative and everything I like in a story... :-) Congratulations on 3rd!
That's what I'm talkin' about! Congratulations to our friend who encourages everyone, whether she has placed or not placed. EC, Yahoo!
Oh wow! Wow! I had no clue where you were going with this. What a pleasant surprise! Wooboy;) Blushing;)
CONGRATULATIONS, Lisa, on your very well-deserved EC win!! :) What a cute, sweet story with such an authentic atmosphere!
Loved this story! Your writing style is one of my favorites here on FW. I don't know how you manage to capture my attention so well. I guess if I knew your master secrets then I'd be getting ECs like crazy too. Writing definitely comes natural to you, and I appreciate you sharing your talent with all of us.
Wow really an awesome entry.
Well done on your third place. I loved the shopping idea, especially the list of "international ingredients".
Lisa, Congrats on your EC!!
This is hilarious!! I love that last part about Dad...he wasn't born yesterday, huh? HEHE
Wow! I just got around to reading this wow wow! I love it! I have to get my husband to read this (just for the fun of it). THank you for showing how married life can be so much fun! :) And congratulations on your's well deserved!
Okay, could you please write a romance novel? There wasn't enough here! I love your style! It just keeps flowing like the milk making you thirsty for more!!!
Again, I have missed the faith writing but as I have been told before the skill in writing is what counts not the subject. The name of the site should be changed for clarification. We dont care about your faith and who you have faith in but we want you to write well. If this is true, you have done a great job.
Still love this marvelous piece! Congrats on your well deserved EC, and may God bless you richly for blessing so many of us with your God given gift. You rock!