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Oh, just beautiful. Such a moving and poignant tribute. You brought tears to my eyes. Amazing descriptions.
This is a wonderful story of remembrance. I can see it in mainstream print for Memorial Day, actually any day of special honor to the veterans to whom we owe such a debt of gratitude.
I, too, hope that we will always be touched when we see a flag at half-staff and that we never forget the sacrifice of so many. Wow. Well done.
This was fantastic. The descriptions were wonderful, and the lyrics of that song always give me goosebumps. Loved the last few lines...awesome story.
Moving tribute and reminder to thank God for our military men and women, past and present. Very nice!
Beautiful writing, and very unique take on the topic. This gave me goosebumps.
Excellent! Usually patriotic writing is too mushy-gushy for me, but this is beautifully written.

Did you catch the typo in the first line? And I wonder if maybe you should end it one sentence sooner. That'd be a great image to leave with your reader.

You've created a great character here!
I loved this. The Title..great. Private?
I know some men who could be this MC. Love it.
What a beautiful story about something we should never forget. I love the respect shown the man and the flag at your story's end. Is your title a play on words, with Robert's rank being "private"?
What a wonderful approach to the subject. I indeed will never forget September 11th. My dad always remembered December 7th.
Excellent title. I thought the flag raising/lowering was a superb choice for this week's theme. Touching, beautiful story that brought tears to my eyes at the end. This is brilliant.
Outside the box on topic and VERY well-written. Well done.
Congratulations on your EC. Very glad to see this place.
Congratulations Allison! Well done.
Oh,my! This brought tears to my eyes and made me think of my dear dad, also a WWII vet. What an awesome, touching story, so very well written. I loved the opening where Robert saluted the flag, knelt to pray, and then saluted toward heaven. And the ending totally choked me up. Your story was one of my very favorites this week! CONGRATULATIONS on your EC win!! :)
This was truly horrid. This man when through a great trauma and I dont see the power and majesty of God in his life. Having been to war myself, I know that my prayers went up to my God, the creator of the universe. He prayed but to whom was he acknowledging. He saluted who when he looked heavenly. Does God deserve credit for anything? Was He there? Did He comfort and console him? Did he ever know the peace of God in a trial such as this? Was he grateful for God's mercy, grace and love which brought him back?
What a gift for writing but what a wasted opportunity to encourage others.
This showed me a man capable of great emotion but it severly lacked the acknowledgement of the providential hand of God in his life. I guess describing the tradgedy and leaving out the power of God in this situation leaves me lacking the faith building I want, need, and desire from articles on this website.
This was so far from horrid, that I am horrified that anyone would be so insensitive--and frankly cruel--to say such a thing. Allison, my dear, this was a beautiful, INSPIRED piece of prose, and I am proud to dwell among gifted, Godly writers like yourself here at Faithwriters. Love ya.
This brought chills... truly a fitting memorial to all those who served and to the faith of the Christian Solider.
Wow! This really welled my eyes up. I thought it beautiful and quite obviously he wasn't worshiping the flag, but praying as he knelt and bowed his head. His salutes were for those who didn't come home but hopefully were in Heaven watching over him. This is beautiful and the only thing horrid on this page (aside from the tragedies of war)is a nasty comment. :) Glad you have the ability to bounce back after something like this. If you can get through the pain this must have caused, you'll be able to handle that surgery no sweat! Hugs my sweet friend.