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Lovely, and that last line a crown.
You've created a beautiful tribute to our Lord...just right for this Easter week.
As much as I usually dislike anthropomorphism, I LOVE this! Gorgeous, gorgeous writing, and it should be done as a responsive reading this Sunday!
Your writing is so powerful. I appreciate the theology combined with beautiful descriptive scenes. This gave me chills, "The ripe olives fell from my branches in mourning; the wind whined a dirge through my leaves. It was finished."
Gripping! I loved the words and descriptions, every line was perfection. Fantastic piece.
This makes me yearn for His return. Thank you for blessing us in bringing the holy garden to life.
Awesome entry! As already stated, perfect for the week of Easter!
You made me want to stand up and shout HALELLUJAH! Even so Come Lord Jesus!

This was so beautifully written. All creation groans in anticipation of HIS return, and you showed this ancient tree is excited.
In awe of your writing, this simply swept me away. So beautiful from the heart of the POV (tree). Thank you.
Oh what a day it will be indeed when He returns for us, His bride. Like the way you wrote this. Well done and kept me from beginning to end.
Out of the box and wonderfully done. Both thumbs up.
Wowzer, this is powerful writing. Masterful.
Congratulations!!!! What a marvelous piece; what a marvelous win!!!!!
This is so powerful. Congratulations. Awesome writing.
Oh my goodness. This gave me chills. What an awesome choice of writing for this past week. Beautiful.
Praise God for his promise of CHrist's return! This is one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever read where the narration is done by something other than a person. What promise and message of hope and expectation. Oh that we may have the same exuberance and not get caught up in this life but keep our eyes set on Jesus and our arms stretched in surrender to the almighty. Thank you so much for listening the Lord and letting Him write this through you. What a gorgeous story!!:0)
CONGRATULATIONS on your richly deserved 1st Place EC!! What a lovely piece filled with holy longing! :)
You had me laughing at every line. . .and concurrently just a bit discomfited by your all-too-apt imagery of the roller-coaster beast (those things aren't my favorites, either.) Wonderful--thanks for sharing this!
Oh gosh, how embarrassing. I left my comment on another entry on your piece. Here is the correct comment:
I loved this. What a creative choice for the narrator, not to mention beautiful writing with scriptures skillfully woven in. Congratulations on your first-place EC. (And again, I'm sorry for my mistake--please forgive me!)
A truly awesome piece. I hope you read it to others for Easter. My hope is that someday I can be as good of a writer as you are, Michele. Much of your writing leaves me floored.
What Joshua said.

HUUUUUUGE and Well Deserved Congratulations, Michele! :)

Exquisite piece of writing.
Awesome! Congrats on your 1st place EC!!!

Exquisite rendition of solid Biblical material and written with such skill and sensitivity.

Creative and beautiful retelling of the Passion of Christ. Congrats on your deserved win.
Wow. This is breathtaking--rich and vivid. Beautiful Easter meditation. Richly deserved EC.