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You've painted a lovely family picture with your words.
On a smaller scale, I was a Gabe; this piece stirred some of those confused, panicked memories in me. But because I am a parent now, this melted me. I adored the detail of "Boo", and the last line left me aching for Gabe's parents. Loved it...
This is so beautifully written, and so true to life! It reminds of my little boy who is terrified of flies, and used to be terrified by drive-through car washes. Fortunately, these things do pass. (And I LIKE the title!)
I remember being afraid of walking across the room because my brother told me Satan can see through the floor. I was about 5 then too. Glad those things pass.

This was very tender. I agree about the title though. Need some salsa?
As you've hinted (with the television reporter), there are some fears that are justified. You made me want to grab Gabe and hold on to him, and his little T. Rex. I liked the parents response to his childhood fears.
The fears made this charming little boy all the more endearing and true to life. And I appreciated his wise parents. A lovely, tender family story!
This is a great story - and a wonderful example of showing, not telling. You always do that so well. How about this for a title:
Phobias From a Five-Year-Old
(Just kidding)
Loved the story and especially the compassion exemplified by mom and dad. Great job!
Ah, those nose hairs that can turn a child's world up on end.

I loved the mom's compassionate approach to helping her son. Great little story, told in the spirit of God's heart for children. There's such a parenting sermon in there without so much as one preachy word. Well done.
I love the compassion from the mom, as I'm sure this could get very frustrating day in and day out. As always, your excellent writing puts the reader right in the scene--experiencing everything with the characters.

Maybe you should put more thought into your title next time. :)
Wow! I loved this story. So tender...and real. I have a son who suffers from anxiety and it's exhausting. I keep wanting to "fix" it. This really spoke to me. You parent's were great examples to me!
and endearing to the point of just having to say, "Wow!"
The story was so captivating I had to read it again to note how great the charcaterization is, the mood, the symbolism, the identification and the ministry of kindness and love. Oh yes, I loved this.
A beautifully tender story. The mind of a child can be a difficult thing to understand; trying to find the basis for their reasoning. I enjoyed how you portrayed the plight of the mother. A great read.
Awww! Exactly what mothers (and fathers) are for....really like this, Jan! Very sweet!
I'm warm from this story - the scene that you paint, the emotions, the humour tucked into the tenderness... it was all so sweet. How do you do it???
All I did was feel so bad for this little boy so afraid of so many things and could not help wonder why? Well-written piece of course.
so touching and loving...

I like the way the parents so patiently deal with his "worries"
I didn't get anything submitted for this topic, but decided I wanted to read some entries and this is the first one in the forums for tossing a brick... well done! This story is so tender and I love the portrayal of compassion toward the little guy from his parents.
I especially liked the fact that the parents didn't discount his fears, shame him, or ridicule. If only more parents would take note. Nicely written.
Sweet, touching, and so realistic. Kids can be so worried by the most trivial things. Priceless how one minute Gabe wouldn't go downstairs, and then the next, wouldn't go upstairs. (I was scared of clowns too as a kid.)
How times a week do I hear my kids scream, "Papa, spider!" And rush to the room only to find something 5mm long. Or, "it's dark near the toilet - can you come?" Most of these phases do pass with time and developing maturity, but not all do. Sometimes Biblical and Spirit guided counselling are needed to overcome the phobias. (Learnt that the hard way.)
Masterfully written. You melted my heart.
I have always been scared of clowns and thought they were creepy. I bet that man with the nose hairs was plenty scary too. LOL. Cute story. Reminded me of how all children (and even some adults) have strange fears.
Oh yeah, I was also scared of the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz. Sorry, but I had to throw that one in there. This story reminded me of all my childhood fears. :)