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Your story has great descriptions and a marvelous voice.
Cute story. I loved the title; it conveys a feeling shared by many!
Delightful piece filled with playful charm. Truly enjoyable.
Your MC is more brave than I would have been. You wouldn't have gotten me on "the beast.

I love this line :

"I regretted not having made a will."

Also love, "Amusement my foot."

This was very entertaining.
I LOVE this piece. Your voice is perfect, and the title lends itself to it. Well done!
I LOVED this! It made me laugh!! :D Your descriptions were TERRIFIC, and I especially liked this part: "With a jolt the creature began its slow ascent, carrying us upward as a votive offering to its fiendish god. We rose toward the sky, the slow mechanical ticking of the monsters heart counting down the seconds until our death." The ending was great, too! CONGRATULATIONS on your richly-deserved EC win!! :)
Great descriptions - good enough to warrant me to NEVER ever ride another roller coaster again in my life! Congratulations on your EC!!!
Love your title in connection with your story! Excellent writing! Congrats on your EC!!
I love your descriptions of the coaster. You truly make the reader feel like it is an actual monster swallowing up its victims. This was very deserving of its EC win. The descriptions in this were great.
I just finally got around to reading this today. This is great! I had the thought of a roller coaster cross my mind when I thought about up and down, but you did this SO SO SO much better than I could. Wow! Your descriptions are so vivid and you give new understanding to those who are afraid of roller coasters. Congratulations on your win, you deserve it!