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The poem is exquisite. The story wrapped around it is so real, so earthy and yet it ends with resolution. Excellent writing.
Your title draws the reader into this excellent "illustrated" poetry piece. I love the hope at the end.
This is masterful. Breathtaking.
I love the poetic rhythm that carried over into the prose. Masterfully accomplished, masterfully accomplished indeed.
Awesome! Bravo! Stupendous! (Can you tell that I loved this?)
Really beautiful, full of emotion and both hopelessness and hope. Well done.
Your poetry is wonderful, so powerful and with perfect meter. I love the way it complements your story as does your title. Wow!
Wonderful format and voice. Very good writing.

I caught two typos that would most likely be spotted with one more read-through.

Excellent message--love the style.
This is powerful. I love how you wrap the story around poetry. It adds depth, I think.
So vivid and wonderfully written. I guess I can best describe my emotion by saying "wow". Great Job!
I loved this so much. The line ...His smile broad and reckless..
Won't it be wonderful to share a smile with Him?
Just truly wonderful in content, creativity and excellent writing skills.
Your intriguing title caught my attention, and your wonderful poetry and compelling story held it to the end! Excellent writing! :)
Your story was amazing. I really enjoyed how you used the poetry with the story. What an incredible pair! Both aspects of your entry could easily stand on their own, together they are powerful.
So sad, but hope as well. Thanks for sharing.
this was very good, very real. It totally catches the human attempt to find their way thru the fog surrounding trauma.
Interestingly poised, a wonderful message. Well done.
That's absolutely wonderful, the way in which you mixed such a refreshing perspective of Peter's walk on the water to Jesus, sinking, and being rescued by the Lord's hand, and then showing the MC holding the Lord's hand at then. I like the way you did not resolve it, but showed how trusting in Jesus through the storm was the lesson to learn here.