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Touching story. Love the "Emperor of the Afternoon."
Wonderful imagery and story unfolding exactly right in this entry that pulled at my heart.
This is so beautiful. And touching.
Good story =)I like the little boy, and how he loved picking peas with his grandma. hehe, even giving some of his just so she'd think that she was picking them faster xD

love this story =)
Now this is inspired literature. So lovingly told that I felt myself experiencing God tender grace while I read.
Phenomenal. Period. Loved it. Sniff.
This is a tender telling of great loss among the stuff of daily living. The slow motion sense of reality and heightened awareness of "small" things during such times is very well captured here. Great job.
Your writing is always amazing, and this did not disappoint. I also loved what the grandma called the little boy, "Emperor in the Afternoon".
Very tender story to the approach of losing a grandparent. Well done.
Very gentle story with vivid descriptive words! Well done! :)
Vivid, tender story writing. Well done.
I love how you setup the environment and the characters for us before breaking the news about the grandmother. I also love the title given to the boy - "The Emperor of the Afternoon." This was told with a mastery that I have come to know from reading your pieces, Loren. Thanks for sharing.
Beautiful, tender slice-of-life. I love the atmosphere, and the relationship between the mother and her son.
Everything about this story was masterly done. The voice of the mc, the delightful descriptions of the day, the mood of the mother (the way she looked out the screen door told you something was up), the mannerisms of the boy...all done with a master's touch. It will be a long time before I'll ever be at this level of writing, but I'm glad there are folks like you who challenge the rest of to a higher degree of excellence.
I meant "masterfully" done. (Rats, I'm having one of THOSE days!)