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You took my breath away with your absolutely beautiful pictures here.
This happens so often on our small farm. Hot air balloons float effortlessly overhead teasing the horses to wonder what monster might be descending. You captured the mood beautifully.
Your descriptions were exquisite. I felt like I was right there. Well done.
Outstanding, in detail and on topic. Well done!
I loved the discription! I could see it as clear as day. Good job =)
Beautiful images, so gently phrased and paced, so peaceful and pastoral in tone.
You made the detail so clear that I could see it all very plainly.

This was a lovely piece.
Beautiful free verse, full of vivid images and deep ponderings. Great job.
This is such a picturesque entry. Love the ordinariness of the horses day (in exquisite descriptions "Peace at hand and hoof"), then the balloons, followed by their evening in the barn. You are a wordsmith!
How wonderful is your skill with words. You painted such a picture...I was there. Loved it.
Lovely imagery. You completely captured the atmosphere, and I was enthralled. Well done.
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! What vivid descriptions that allowed me to be a watcher with the horses! :)