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Lovely—brought tears to my eyes.
Beautiful! May I too live in such a way to show that the King is in residence here. Thank you for sharing this.
I was touched, too, by your lovely story. You showed all the characters well with their words. Reading this made me want to be sure my flag is flying always to show my King is in residence.
Great example of how the Kingdom of God works through a believer.
Rich symbolism (you oughta check out Jan's class - unless you ARE Jan LOL) and beautifully crafted characterizations. This choked me up. WOnderful.
Oh, I love that song! Also truly love this story. Count me among those wiping tears. Your characters were very real and unique. I'll be singing this tune today - "so fly it high in the sky let the whole world know . . . "

I remember singing that song as a child (I am sure that it will be stuck in my head all day now!) Thank you for this wonderful story! What a reminder to let God work in us. Who knows how many lives we can touch for the kingdom!
My favorite of all so far and I've read some very good ones!
This is what it is all about, where the rubber meets the road. Countless thousands have gone before still flying their flag. I had never heard the song, so I'll look it up.
The writing matched the story just right, simple and deep. This is a very special piece and I hope it places high.
I just have three words: Powerful, Powerful, Powerful.
Very good writing--excellent story. You did a great job with the dialect, and I love how the beginning and end tied together.
When my youngest daughter was 3, I heard her singing that chorus thus: When the king is the president there. That's the way I always think of it now.

What a wonderful legacy your character left! I loved this story.
My hope is that my life can touch as many people for Christ as your character did. Great writing!
This is a lovely illustration of the impact that one Christian life can have upon others. Beautifully written!
I liked how you showed Cindy as a child, longing to fly the flag announcing "Jesus lives here"; then skipped forward years to her funeral. Oh, this is incredible. The changed lives springing up from a devoted life.
This is a cool story. I loved how the song passed down to the 3rd generation just as Cindy's loved passed to the four individuals who testified to her contribution to their salvation. We should all touch lives the way Cindy did. This story impacted me. Great job!
What5 an awesomme story. Your characters were so good and so realistic.
Full marks.
*tears* oh , you made me cry!

I know and LOVE that song. I pray that when my time to go is here, that I can leave such a legacy.

Thank you!
I enjoyed this Sharon.
Great job! Each person's tribute and voice was original and interesting -- it flowed really well and the whole idea was fantastic.
.... but just a few teeny clichés in there, hon. (wink)
Love ya!