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Absolutely brilliant!
WOW--intriguing to the very end. Wonderfully creative!
Oh, so incredibly well-drawn analogy, and the end is JUST right! Masterfully done.
I love this. So many opportunities to make the good choice, and so many temptations to take the other one. Great ending, great descriptive pictures. Awesome.
You did an excellent job of making the "gate" a metaphor for our choice to accept God, taking us visually through a life of wrong choices and regrets. I'm glad you MC finally made the right choice.
Wow...this is brilliant. What a unique way of illustrating our choice. Excellent writing, and great job with the topic.
Oh my goodness. Cant wait to find out who wrote this.
This was so cool. Very creative...I loved it.
Awesome. Wonderful. Riveting:)
Wow this was truly great. I really enjoyed reading this.
Ten out of ten.
This is absolutely, wonderfully, creatively, brilliant. And the title . . . perfectly shows that we readers have a choice now. Which gate will we choose? LOVE IT!
WOW! I loved this one!!!
Very thought-provoking. Drew me into the story and the character is so real, showing struggle after struggle. The writing is 'just right' for the story.
So very creative, so absolutely literary...I've never read anything quite like this, and it's stunning.
Excellent use of the "gate" throughout the story. Love this entry.
Awesome. I'm glad the "Hound of Heaven" pursues us!.. Wonderfully written...a winner in my book.
What an extraordinary and masterful illustration of the ways we choose our path! Beautifully, beautifully done!
Excellent journey of choices. This really caught my attention and held on tight.
Fantastic symbolism and engaging, honest story of a life. I found the MC's voice so genuine and loved the happy ending!
I agree with Jan! One of the best I've ever read! Marvelous and wonderful to read from start to finish.
Very creative. Lots of very interesting touches, like the -stan country where the Gate might be forbidden.

The one that left me with too many unanswered questions was the Billy Joel concert. "Why Billy Joel?" "What was he singing at the time?"

This would make a great skit for use in the open air or at evangelistic events.
Very intelligently told story. Annointed as well. Granted, I had to read it a few times, but it become more of a blessing each time. Outstanding entry.
Not sure what to add to these--exceptional writing. Well done.
Lisa, remarkably imaginative writing done with exquisite craftsmanship.