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What a positive, encouraging word!
Lovely, with beautiful images. Just wonderful and uplifting!
What a lovely take on the topic. This poem flowed nicely through its rhyme and meter. Very creative and a joy to read.
Beautiful picture of what happens when we are filled with His Spirit. I enjoyed this.
Oh, so beautiful in imagery and in tone! So many lovely ways to view the heart that belongs to God in this poem.
I loved this piece of poetry.
If only all of us could have a garden as such in our hearts.
What beautiful pictures you painted for us of your wonderful heart garden. Thank you for this up-lifting poem!
Woo hoo, symbolism all over the place! Beautiful, Verna!

I also really enjoyed the meter, with your pattern of one stressed followed by two unstressed syllables.

This is very, very pretty.
I really love this. Colorful and simple and true picture. I just read it to my husband as he sits drinking coffee and he loved it. Reading it aloud gives such a melody.
This is beautiful. The images as well as the flow of your words really drew me in. Lovely.
My favorite verse is:

And some of the sweetest of fruit can be found
From the trees that produce love and joy,
Which Satan, with all of his tricks and deceit,
Is unable to ever destroy.

Great writing.
Loved the flow of this poem. Normally I don't know what to say about poetry, so I don't comment. However, this moved me. It is quite beautiful!
Absolutely beautiful, Verna. Wonderful writing, as always.
The gardening metaphor worked very well here, and you did a beautiful job of describing the work of Christ the Gardener in our lives. Well done!
This is a beautiful picture of the work done in the heart of all God's children. I loved it, there are no verses I can choose as a favorite as they all spoke to my own heart.
This was so touching...and pretty. I love poetry that stirs my emotions,and this did. Lovely...
Thank you. This is well done, and spoke to my heart.
This poem is very "readable" if that makes sense. A beautiful message, uncomplicated but pure, with a joyous rhythm.
It feels like spring forever!
A lovely poem which weaves in the fruits of the Spirit in a natural unforced way. Why not set it to music? As Jan pointed out it is perfect 3/4 time!!
Thanks for the encouragement! Beautiful message delivered skillfully.