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This seems somewhat off topic. I can't seem to make the connection with Africa. However, saying that, it spoke volumes to me! Yesterday I had a spat with my dearly beloved! I caould fully sympathise, see myself in it, and looked carefully at you ways to resolve conflicts. Thanks!
This was packed with helpful tools on how to resolve problems in a healthy and godly way. However I failed to find any connection to the topic of "Africa". Sorry.
I hate to be a reverberating bell, but ditto on the off topic, which is too bad because this was an AMAZING devotional!! Terrific writing that really spoke to the soul of marriage. So, good job on every other aspect of this entry.
"3. Compare it to an animala lion cub alone in the African savannah, waiting for its mother to come back and protect it." This seems to sum up how a woman tends to feel when hurt emotionally by the man she loves and you've shown us this with very talented and believable writing. Kudos and great weaving of solutions and lessons without a speck of preachiness.
I think I learned the same lesson in childhood you did. You gave some wonderful advice, thank you! I needed that. I don't see the topic "Africa" here, but I loved your devotion.
While not "Africa," your very honest take on this topic of special interest to all of us "sensitive souls," who want to be molded into the shape God would have us be, is well written.
Great devotional, wonderful words of wisdom, good insight into resolution in relationships and marriage. Africa? (I'm positive they have relational problems there, too!)
Wonderfully descriptive, and though it only touches the topic, the descriptions and characterization are wonderful.
Oh dear, there goes the definition of "Don't let the sun go down on your anger." It festers and bleeds and oozes all kinds of stuff. Then healing comes when we finally let go and communicate. Nice work.