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Always wondered what happened to Tarzan. Fascinating perspective.
Ditto, I've seen Bruce Wayne (Batman) portrayed as an old man but never old Mr loin-cloth himself. What a clever approach.
It's interesting that the spirituality espoused by Viscount Greystoke is one of direct contact with Heaven without the need for a mediator. Sadly my own experience is that within African traditional religion God often seems remote while the terrors of demon oppression and witchcraft are all too present in people's daily lives.
Absolutely positively fascinating take, and an incredible voice. I was captivated from word one.
You constructed an unusually well done story, presenting a delightful image of aging Tarzan, along with an excellent spiritual message.
oh I did enjoy this! The Face of Africa, what a perfect title. I also, was hooked from the first word. Great story Rick.
I loved this. The fact that we have become to dependent on the conveniences and separated ourselves from creation is evident. I knew I liked to go barefoot for a reason. Next time i look in the mirror I'll check for Africa.