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What a delightfully bizarre scenario! Reminded me of a scene from Tarzan 2 - which I shouldn't admit to watching except that I have young children. For the same reason I recognised the VeggieTales allusion. That's my excuse anyway!
So thanks for the giggle. But what a very odd pastor!

What a creative take! A fun bit - and I did NOT recognize the Veggie Tales illusion (and I have young kids!), but I still got many laughs. Creative pastor - and writer - for sure!!
I like how you managed to integrate some facts about Africa, as well as some humor, in your scenario with the unusual pastor.
A truly enjoyable read! And a great idea for a youth event, too. I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen. Adding little details like the apple and the hammock made it easy to visualize. Very nice!
This was a pleasant, lighthearted read, with a good dose of humor. Loved the title!
This was really fun. I loved the creativity of the Pastor and his dramatic version of the mission trip. This was well written and enjoyable to read.
This sounds something like a camping trip my brother went on in the boyscouts. From an onlookers perspective, I was laughing at their situation (sorry kids), however I respected them for not panicking. So much fun. Hmmmm... you gave me an idea for our youth group.*smile*
What a great idea for a youth event! I'm sorry to say I didn't know the Veggie Tale song. I guess we missed that episode. I enjoyed your story.
A really fun story for teens!
Great "African Adventure" and a great idea for a youth group. I loved the Veggie Tales reference, even though I am less familiar with that song, I still knew it.