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Ohhh - I loved unraveling who this man was - I started to suspect fairly early on, but wasn't sure until I was well into it. Beautiful language and a very compelling read.
An interesting although at times confusing read. I was wondering where you were going with it, so I'm glad you brought in the direct Bible allusion.
What's always struck me about Philip's encounter with the Ethipoean is that as an eunuch he was strictly prohibited from taking part in direct Temple worship. (Some translators would say that the word eunuch is a generic term for a high officiary that doesn't necessarily imply castration.) But it's fantastic that he was accepted by the Evangelist and welcomed into the Kingdom. Our Jesus turns none away.
I especially liked your analogy here Christians being "queen" to the Lord. This was well written, and until the carriage, I didn't know where you were going.
Great idea for this topic! I love the comparison of the Candace's power and the Christian's power. Well done.
What a creative entry, and so beautifully written--a prayer of recounting God's faithfulness. Great job.
The story was a mystery to me for a while. I didn't know the narrator was the Ethopian eunich until you wrote about Phillip. I was very intrigued. You made me wait for the unveiling of the character just long enough. It was such a wonderful idea, to take this character in the Word and blow it up into a story for us. Thank you for a beautiful job.
What an amazing angle to take this story from. I enjoyed trying to guess who the speaker was!
Very creative. I've often thought about this man and how his life changed. Guess we'll find out when we get to Heaven. Good writing.
Very creative - I really like the way you presented this story! I enjoy stories like this that expound on what characters in the Bible might have been like, and what God could have done through them.
Creative and well presented story. Kept me guessing!
The Ethiopian Eunich, very nicely done. Your creativity amazes me.
I had no idea who this was about until I got to the carriage. Very creative and well done!
Super creative and a wonderful look at a life forever changed by the grace of God. Well written!
Very creative and edgy. I admit I was a bit confused in the middle while he was discussing the Candace and her husband, etc. Maybe it was me. Great voice, fit very well with this intriguing Biblical character.
Very well done, Gerald. I was fascinated with the story and it's creativity and amazed at the writing.
Great story, Gerald. I began to suspect when you first mentioned Candace, but then you very skillfully dangled the 'red herring' of the allusion to us as Candace. It wasn't until you brought Philip into the story that I came back on track. The voice was great. Wonderful use of the topic, well done!
Your story begins with a prayerful confession which is inspiring. Your unique approach and creative presentation are impressive.
I knew who your martyr was as soon as you mentioned Candace, but I learned a lot about what Candace meant. It is a powerful statement that when we serve Him, he serves us, that we are his Queen. Well written story and a great take on the topic.
What a wonderful way to understand what so many matyrs have faced. I didn't see until the end who this was about, but very well done!