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Very good story. I like your nice, simple title. It fit so well. Good writing:)
I enjoy reading stories that let the imagination fill in some human details behind well-known Bible stories. Well told.
I like how your ending relates to your title. I wish I could have seen this "ruffled blue gown". (you also called them dresses... which stood out a little to me... but they are dresses, so) You are so good with this set of characters... you bring them to life.. Can't wait to read your book! :)
You did a great job of humanizing these familiar Bible characters. Thanks for a very enjoyable story!
True love - or a true crush at any rate. Good writing, I thought your dialogue flowed really well. (Personally, I'd take Jonathan any day)
Ahhh, even if you hadn't hinted, I would have known who wrote this :- )

Another wonderful story about Michal; thank you Joanne.

More, more...I want more. Get that novel written, Joanne. This is so fun to read. Your dialogue moves the story so well. Great job...but much too short. :)
ooooh...I can't wait until this whole love story is done. I can't wait to read it!
I loved this story because I too wonder what the characters in the Bible stories might have been like. You take facts and wrapped a tale around it. I look forward to reading more of your stories.
So that's what gets David in trouble...wish he had learned.
Good story.
Heehee, I knew this was yours. I like it very much! Especially the title and how it fits at the end. My favorite part was when she was choosing her dress though. So real! Loved this!
Yea! Michal's back! Great characterization of her, tho who you write her to be isn't who I've always pictured. She's so girly and feminine. :) Unexpected, but nice! Good job fleshing out a snippet of Biblical history. You probably know what I'm going to say next...MORE!
You've captured the spirit of romance so wonderfully hear, and the touches of the bashful, shy Michal was perfectly handled.
Beautifully told and thank you for bringing to life these biblical characters of old. Well done.
I still want the whole Michal novel. I'm waiting. I'm tapping my foot and waiting...Hehe. Great job with these snippets from the larger work.