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Watchman Nee-er I mean Neil- had his heart in the right place, although misinterpreted at first. This was fun to read.
Good story
This is the 2nd story I've read today about "Actions speak louder than words". What a great story and a good witness: once it was understood!
I thought it would have been more powerful if the neighbours had been somehow causing trouble for Watchman Neil, but maybe this is a true story and you didn't want to embellish the truth?
I enjoyed reading and it leaves me thinking, what can I do this week to make a difference in someone's life?
Terrific story. I haven't heard Watchman Nee's name for a while—glad his spirit is still alive and well.
Clever piece - and I love the format. Wonderful story.
Very different take on the topic... inventive! I liked the 'dull police report' style of writing too. LOL you also confirmed the old adage that the British Bobby does a wonderful job... even if it is only telling the correct time. Very well done!
I'd heard of Watchman Nee before. I love how you created this story. This is so good!
The second part of this witness story is when Neil finally gets to school late and has to explain his tardiness to the principal. Then Watchmen Nee will also be in a school record. Well conceived story.
Oh, very clever. Got some large clues from the things found in his pockets.
1 car windscreen scraper
1 tin of de-icer
Watching the cops take so long to figure it out was fun.