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Very moving story. Your descriptions are very vivid.
Your descriptions were wonderful; I felt I was right there. The ending brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful way to be able to repay a family debt and help relieve regrets.
A beautifully written story, with a very sweet conclusion!
This story is an incredibly beautiful new beginning for this little girl and for a new Mommy. Great writing and details. I was right there with the mc.
I could see all of this from your descriptions and your ending warmed my heart! LOVE THIS!
You have such a gift of writing beautiful, descriptive prose. You pulled me in at the very beginning, and left me with tears and a lump in my throat at the end. Excellent writing, and great job with the topic.
Oh, wait, I have to get a tissue...
Okay, I'm back. This was such a tender, heart-wrenching story. At least for me it was.
Oooooh my - just beautiful and vivid and heartbreaking! I was absolutely engaged.
Very touching and captivating! What a tender and moving piece. I was happy on how you ended this. Great writing! Well done-realsitic descriptions makes one feel as if they are there along side of the main character. God bless!!
Wow - totally captured my imagination with the wonderful sights and sounds of Hong Kong and then WHAM! the ending hit with a bittersweet tenderness. I think you touched on all the senses here! Congratulations on your EC!
I thought I commented on this story earlier. I was enthralled by your story and couldn't wait to see what happened. A sad story with an incredibly hopeful ending.
Congrats on your EC