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Very funny account of young men eating out in strange places. I have an exceptionally picky son-in-law, so I can identify with your story.
What a laugh! With the upbringing our kids are getting, being dragged all over the world, "Thou shalt not be a picky eater" has almost become the 11th commandment. But given some of the things we have been offered, I certainly have sympathy with anyone who struggles in this area. You certainly made me smile with the mixture of adventure and pathos here. Loved it.
What a fun voice. Loved the humor in this piece, and the "adventure" of all this. Great stuff!
I love Japanese food, but I certainly wouldn't want to eat squid! This was a lot of fun to read.
I'm thinking your mc should try eating in the dark. I mean really, if you've never tried squid, how do you know it tastes bad? Great writing, turn down the lights and enjoy!
Ha! A food adventure ... what fun! Love the title too. Ahh, perhaps your MC should have prayed, "Lord, I'll get it down if You'll keep it down."

My son-in-law is likewise an extremely picky eater, and hestudied pastry cooking in Paris.
Oh, this is so good--because I am a PEA, too. And I wish people understood that it is a disability to have to go through life as a PEA. Very funny take on the topic.
I had to laugh through this. I love the reference to Picky Eating Adults (PEAs). Your humor is engaging.
I had to smile at your desire for the gift of tongues to read the menu. :) You have a masterful ability to weave a story. I really enjoyed your humor in this.
I thoroughly enjoyed your story. I could totally relate to your dilemma, and it made me laugh!
Very enjoyable, believable and well-written story. Just enough humor. Introduces a LARGE subject, foreign foods. Great take on Asia.
Loved it. Mona
Picky eaters unite! lol. This was a fun read and I can surely sympathize. I hope there wasn't any squid in that cassarole though...
I totally find this article hilarious. I am the wife of a really really picky eater who doesn't like chicken because the skin is too tough, who would only eat turkey and beef if it is fried and who hates fish. When he travels away from home, he usually comes back leaner because he would not eat.
Thank you for your story. I think I'll show it to my husband.
What a riot. Loved the humour about PEAs and APEs, and the line about picky eaters terrified of the words, "Just try it." You must be speaking about my kids. And speaking from experience, I love those Japanese family eat-outs run out of their houses. The best two meals I've had in my life were at such. One was deep fried squid legs in batter with lemon juice, the other was yakisoba, fried noodles.