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Very interesting voice and POV. Gave a different feel to the story. I could certainly feel for the MC and her changing attitudes and such.
Wow what an interesting way to potty-train. I would imagine it would be effective. This is such a unique way to tell this story. Fascinating writing!
Beautiful writng, excellent POV, wonderful true story. This just warmed me all over. Great, great job.
*A Gifted Writer*

"... he's there to embrace youall of you." Sigh. That is the stuff I want to put under my pillow and keep.
Those lovely, little details that make reading rich. Thank you.

This piece has so much heart and many of those warming, "sigh" moments. Almost makes me envious that I didn't get to have my babies in Korea!

Unusual choice of second person narrative. I don't know ...I'm not sure if it was the very best choice.
I'd love to see this written in first and also in third.
That'd be a great writing exercise!

Thank you SO much for sharing.... YOU.

Very good...funny, with such a great message. This was my favorite line: "You think light thoughts as he carries you over the threshold." That cracked me up.

Not sure about the second-person POV. The first paragraph was tough for me to get through with that POV--it could just be that I'm hungry and light-headed though. :)

You are a very talented writer, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.
This seemed very natural in the 2nd person. I really liked it. Very interesting and informational entry, told in a creative way. Good job!
I got distracted, and riveted, by the first parts of the first two sentences. "If you were a Christian you would cry... instead you yell." What a statement about our need for Christ.

The rest of the story was rich but I kept looking for when she accepted the Lord.

I agree about maybe using first or third person POV. Second person worked, though.
I loved this beautiful story about birth and cultural differences. Very well written!
I really enjoyed this. Being in the 2nd person didn't bother me.
Lovely reading about the korean customs and way of life.
Well done.
This is just gorgeous! I have to confess I was comparing mothering in Korea and Zimbabwe all the way through. Potty training, check; strapping baby on back, check... Plus home made decorations, yes did that too!! But what I loved most of all was the Korean family bonding, and the way it helped your new family to bond. Really beautiful.
I love this POV. It is interesting the differences in cultural attitudes (concerning women in the laundry). WOW!
I enjoyed this story.
Love it! I found I could easily relate to this story seeing as its 2 weeks until my due date and I'm in Thailand (lots of cultural differences from America). "making you the only woman on your street with an oven" yeah that is totally me!
Only one word for this one: Perfect.
Fresh with 2nd POV. Engages the reader. Creative and interesting.
What an interesting story! I loved the voice here, especially that first line! The humor is just right in this piece.
Wonderful! I loved the little window you opened which allowed me to see into your MC's world. Exactly what we've come to expect of you Lisa... excellence.
I really liked the creative writing style that brought the reader right into the story! I almost feel like I became a mother. :):)Perhaps an interesting creative follow-up could be how You Become A Father. :):) Great story!
Absolutely beautiful, my fav this week. Loved the details such as 'Once the child is ready, diapers are removedperiod.' I saw this once in Japan too. Trains 'em quick. My favorite line was the way the son carried his mother, 'signifying that as she cared for him, now he will care for her.' Wonderful to see countries that respect their elderly like this, rather than shoving them in homes.
I loved this piece. It is fun to see how other cultures raise their babies. Great writing, as always.