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Oh, wow. Such incredible descriptions and such a heartbreaking situation. You have shared this incredibly sad part of history in a vivid and compelling way.
The killing fields is yet another shocking and inhumane mark on human history. Truly, the heart is desperately wicked...who can know it? We need to be aware of the suffering in our world. So, thanks for sharing this with us.
You did a good job of making this historic event very personal. I felt the emotions of the young boy. Nice job.
Vividly portrayed and horrifying. Stories like this certainly remind us how fortunate we are to live where we do. Very well written.
It never ceases to amaze me how we human beings can treat each other so inhumanely. Good job on this heartwrenching entry.
Having spoken personally to a woman who was twice miraculously delivered from death at the hands of Pol Pot's thugs, I can easily believe this story.
The drama captured me and sucked me in. A very real-feeling character and experiences - it felt like the author experienced it herself. I did stumble a few times on the punctuation (could just be me), but the story and the writing is excellent!
Engaging and frightening portrayl of the killing fields of Cambodia, a nightmare from recent times that staggers belief. Also, 'drug' should have been 'dragged?'
A very sobering account. It allowed me to visualize the human suffering.
You carried me right along with every movement made. The descriptions were vivid.
A very moving story that I feel does justice to the horrors of the Pol Pot regime.
A horrible note in history, one that the world doesn't know enough about.

I felt that this could have had a bit more emotional impact; I felt somewhat disconnected from it.

I learned quite a bit from this story, and I'm glad you wrote it.
Wow. I had no idea about any of this, thanks for sharing this piece of history. So very vivid with an excellent character.