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I would love to see the Northern lights but don't think I'd like to sleep in the igloo:) I like this story. It's full of hope and promises. Great job.
I'd love to visit this place and see those lights. I'm sure it was a magical event!

Your title fits your story perfectly, and I love how you correlate the couple's cold relationship with the ice surrounding them.

Very skilled writing! :)
This is absolutely gorgeous, with an incredible parallel. I love the softening of her, and his, attitude through this piece. Wow.
This is gorgeous--and there is NO WAY that I would stay in an igloo. Great mood.
Wow. I think THIS might be your best entry. Ever. And for the record I kinda like the idea of an igloo. After an experience like this I don't think there'd be any trouble staying warm. Igloo might melt actually.
Full of emotion, and hope. Love it!
The ice hotel and the aurora borealis is a fabulous juxtaposition/ metaphor for an icy marriage turned warm under God's hand. Nicely written.
I thought this was perfectly tender, without being goopy; that's a tough balance!
I too would pass on the igloo. I might feel differently come August or so! Excellent writing...
Excellent story of reconciliation!
I loved this. Very powerful and beautifully told without being too soppy.
Don't ask, just read this story. You won't believe your eyes! Wonderful entry!
Wonderful, from the title right to the end! Loved the part where Jack told her that he couldn't help... I was holding my breath. Well written and inspiring.
Oh man I have always wanted to see the Northern lights. AND I would be willing to see them in an igloo all night curled up with my hubby. ;)Great story!
Great stuff! I liked it and I loved the voice you had in this piece.
This is a beautiful story on so many levels. I loved how the recognition of God's power through the beauty of nature brought the beginnings of healing to your mc's marriage.
Congratulations on your EC. You did a great job of making a beautiful story out of a beautiful event.
The emotions were so real that I could literally feel them myself. I thought your setting for the encounter and subsequent revelation could have not been better. Congratulations for placing with the entry.
Congratulations, my friend! I am so very proud of you! What a great story!
Now THIS is a story. I loved every bit of it. Made me cry and gave me hope at the same time. Congratulations on a well-written story.
Awesome, Shirley! Painting such a moving, stiring motivation for married couples to seek God's help in putting His spark back into their marriages, against a backdrop of an endless day and the Northern Lights.
I loved this story!

Definitely made me tear up - you handled the emotions of the MC very well. Congrats on the win - you certainly deserve it.

And your husband's comment is classic! LOL!