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Hi. Yes, I remember reading about this years ago as I studied European history. You did your homework.:0) The facts blended well with your descriptions and dialogue in letter form. How sad for the son to have to find out this way, and not before his father's death. Great job!! God bless!
A powerful letter. The last couple paragraphs of the letter, especially, were heart-wrenching. I've also heard of this. A very personal portrayal of something many of us only think of in the abstract.
You held my attention the entire time with this piece, and I learned something in the process. The lesson here is great. Let us not sit back and profit from the suffering of others.

Thank you for sharing this!
Congratulations on your #1 placing! Wonderful account. Thought provoking and informative.
Congratulations on your 1st place. This is a very interesting piece of history that I knew nothing about, and you told it in a very interesting way.
Excellent writing...Informative...Congratulations
Oh my, this was superb. The letter was an engenius way to convey tons of needed information, and still be heavy with emotion. I absolutely LOVED this. Congratulations on your EC; it was SO well deserved...
A terrific entry toned with many shades of meanings and lessons. Congratulations on your EC win with this piece - it is very well deserved.
Congratulations on first place! I, too, had no idea of the sordid, behind the scenes involvement of the Swiss with the Nazis. Great job.
Thanks for the history lesson and for telling it in a more than "historical" light. Congratulations! Well done.
Perhaps you could write an entire history book, teaching different lessons with your stories. Then, my son (alas) would read and study! Congrats!