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Awe, that'b horrible finding no bathroom in a city like Paris! lol Ah! But so glad she finally found a "toidy".
nice job :)
love the voice, and what a fun entry. Excuse me, as I go use the restroom ;)
What a fun read! I enjoyed every word. Well done!
Your ability to set a scene, coupled with your delightful humor, brought me straight into your trip with you. Great fun!
Giggle...I loved the part about all the fountains! Thanks for the warning, if I ever go to Paris.
I went through very much the same thing in England last summer. I winced through reading this entire story--I was so uncomfortable for this poor woman! VERY well done! Eek.
This story filled my bladder with delight...At least I think it's delight that it's filled with. :)

Fun stuff! Thanks for sharing.
I can really identify with you on this one. I sat for a trip from Genoa to Milan on a bus feeling exactly like that. I should have gone before we left genoa, but bus was ready and husband was testy! Luckily I also made it! Fun read. Well done.
Wow, this brings back memories of my trip to Europe! I also recall that there was a charge to use the bathrooms in many places in Europe, and when I got back to Kennedy airport, I walked into the restroom and said, "Ah, America, the land of the FREE!" Thank you for reminding us of a blessing we too often take for granted! :)
Hilarious. So full of suspense (when I wasn't grinning at her agony) and travelling tidbits. Victory at the end - I was cheering!!
At least she didn't have kids tagging along saying "I gotta go... I gotta go..."
Wonderful entry; exceptional humor.